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  1. The driver for this device might be corrupted or Low on memory/ resources (Code 3)
  2. Windows cannot use this hardware device (Code 47)
  3. Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware (Code 39)
  4. Windows cannot start this hardware device (Code 19)
  5. This device is currently waiting on another device (Code 51)
  6. The software for this device has been blocked (Code 48)
  7. An application or service has shut down this hardware device (Code 44)
  8. Windows cannot access this hardware (Code 40)
  9. Windows cannot load the device driver (Code 38)
  10. Windows cannot determine the settings for this device (Code 34)
  11. Windows cannot determine which resources are required for this device. (Code 33)
  12. Windows cannot gain access to this hardware device (Code 46)
  13. This device is requesting a PCI interrupt (Code 36)
  14. Windows cannot apply all of the properties for this device (Code 50)
  15. This device is not working properly (Code 31)
  16. This device is disabled (Code 29)
  17. Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers (Code 52)
  18. Windows successfully loaded the device driver but cannot find the hardware (Code 41)
  19. Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information (Code 35)
  20. This device has been reserved for use by the Windows kernel debugger (Code 53)
  21. A duplicate device already running in the system (Code 42)
  22. This device has failed and is undergoing a reset (Code 54)
  23. The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28)
  24. Windows cannot identify all the resources this device uses (Code 16)
  25. Reinstall the drivers for this device (Code 18)
  26. The device is disabled (Code 22)
  27. Windows cannot identify this hardware (Code 9)
  28. This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12)
  29. Windows is removing this device (Code 21)
  30. This device is not configured correctly (Code 1)
  31. Windows 10 Freezing/Jumping Cursor
  32. List of Windows Driver files names & where to download the latest versions
  33. Router Replacement/no internet access
  34. Faulty network adapter
  35. Mixed Reality headset & motion controller driver & software downloads
  36. Windows 10 keeps changing power settings plan & reseting it at Boot
  37. Sensor Diagnostic Tool - Test driver, firmware, hardware functionality
  38. An SSD boots even when not powered ?
  39. Does using a lot of proprams and tabs effect my PC's hardwere ?
  40. Schedule On & Off on Windows
  41. Can't get a PC-Card SSD device to show up in Explorer
  42. Driver Wireless for Forsa FS3120 Windows 7 X86
  43. CPU freon cooling!!
  44. Vista compatible with Western Digital hard drives?
  45. How to pull CPU and GPU temperatures (to later send those values via USB)
  46. Bluetooth not detected
  47. External backing up - DVD or USB?
  48. USB Skype Phone disables sound to speakers
  49. Laptop keyboard not working
  50. Bluetooth mouse not recognized any more
  51. Bluetooth Mouse disconnects regularly - NOT a power config issue
  52. Windows computer not detecting or recognizing SD card
  53. Surface Book and Windows 8.1 drivers
  54. Could Dependency Walker help troubleshoot this? ▶ Bluetooth "NO DEVICE"
  55. Windows 10 graphics/video shutting off Will not come back on, no crash but reboot
  56. Ark touch bt mouse connected but doesn't work after restarting computer
  57. Can't enable AHCI mode on my 990fxa ud7
  58. Weird USB 3.0 Flash Drive Problem
  59. Jumping cursor problem in Windows computer
  60. Drivers for Synaptic Touch Pad devices for Windows 10
  61. Unable to open a USB pen drive on Windows PC
  62. How to transfer files from PC to PC, PC to Mac ? which way is safer ?
  63. Can't delete photos from SD Card using Windows 8 File Explorer
  64. No files show on USB stick
  65. Acer Aspire 7741G, TurboBoost - BIOS Disable ot Turn off
  66. Windows 10 Hardware Development Kits now available
  67. Required CD/DVD drive device driver or A Media driver your computer needs is missing
  68. An Overview of Mouse Technology
  69. TOSHIBA vb63700-A 500GB external HD - only connects on one of several USB ports
  70. Wired mouse connectivity problem
  71. Need quick shutdown file for Windows
  72. DRIVER CanoScan N670U
  73. Do I have enough RAM !?
  74. Microsoft's new Bluetooth keyboard for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
  75. Windows 8 Tweak to Text-To-Speech (TTS) files in registry
  76. Cannot Restart My Windows 8.1 PC
  77. Safely remove hardware addition.
  78. Sculpt Comfort Mouse (Bluetooth) randomly stops working
  79. Move Mouse Pointer position to middle of the screen when not in use
  80. Tired of waiting for access to external drive in Windows 8.1
  81. Transfer HDD To New Windows PC
  82. Missing Boot Manager in Windows
  83. Windows 8.1: No sound, install driver, sound works, reboot, sound disappears again
  84. Windows was unable to complete the format
  85. List of Windows Device Manager Error Codes & their Solutions
  86. Bluetooth Mouse keeps disconnecting in Windows 8.1
  87. The drive cannot find the sector requested - External hard disc is not working
  88. Cannot use or format my usb flash drive any more
  89. How can i get back data from accidentally formatted FAT disk?
  90. This device cannot start (Code 10) USB storage
  91. Issue with DVD CD's
  92. Ext.HD failed
  93. Device Drivers for Surface Pro
  94. Laptop wont load Windows and other os that i installed (multi boot)
  95. i cant get my hard drive working
  96. External Hard Drive problems
  97. LG Uncovers a New All-in-One PC to the World - LG V325
  98. Only 100 megahertz? How to increase Bus Clock Speed
  99. PC will not boot on a new HD
  100. How to repair a crashed Hard Disk ?
  101. Why did my hard drive die?
  102. Power your Laptop/Tablet with Wedge Moblie Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse
  103. Are HDD with SSD cache combined any good.
  104. Annoying BIOS problem - automatically reorders the drive to boot from
  105. Windows 7 and an HP 1012 Printer
  106. Weird Battery Issue. Stopped reading replacement... Sort of
  107. Adding System Ram: one more stick or putting in new stick?
  108. scary prob with speaker interference
  109. LiteOn iHAS224 24x DVD±RW DL RAM & Lightscribe SATA Optical Drive - READ PROBLEM?
  110. What happens inside the computer when you start it?
  111. Unknown Device ( USB Controllers)
  112. What is Base System Device ?
  113. Replace Microsoft software, hardware, CD, DVD, product manuals; Order service packs
  114. What is best motherboard for my i7 processor?
  115. Unable to install Windows 7 because of BSOD / Blue Screen
  116. FIX Black Screen Of Death (black screen with only the mouse)
  117. Intel SATA Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool for Windows, Apple, Linux
  118. Intel Solid-State Drive Management Toolbox
  119. NTDLR is missing error
  120. HD will not boot
  121. New HD
  122. Logitech Wireless Touchpad - for preorder
  123. Use eXtreme Power Supply Calculator to calculate Power Supply Wattage
  124. nVidia, ATI cards Driver Cleanup Guide
  125. How to Install or Update Drivers on Windows 7 | 8
  126. Flash drive error: You need to format the disk in the drive
  127. Flash drive format message
  128. Integrated Camera not working on Lenovo X201
  129. Problems with Samsung NF 210 Netbook
  130. USB mouse freezes randomly
  131. LaCie usb drive crashes windows explorer
  132. Laptop Hardrive capacity
  133. very low copying speed on network : help
  134. Download The Ultimate Laptop Buyers Guide
  135. External Drive being seen as a name not a drive
  136. How connect a Dell Latitude E6510 Windows laptop to the internet?
  137. Logitech Performance MX mouse behaves crazy
  138. Difference between a Notepad and a Netbook?
  139. windows 7 LAN drivers for older pc
  140. Intel RST driver version for SSD
  141. Deleted OS space not shown as available space on "C" drive.
  142. HWMonitor monitors PC computers voltages, temperatures, fans speed
  143. FurMark: A benchmark to measure the performance of the graphics card
  144. No signal to monitor - monitor has gone black
  145. HP Introduces Wireless PC Accessories to Enhance the Computing Experience
  146. DVD drive cannot open - Error code 10
  147. Laptop feels hot!
  148. I had a hard drive failure. Possible cause?
  149. error 1721 & 1603 during uninstall & installation of programs
  150. Problem: DataCard modem installs drivers each time it is pluggedin
  151. External Hard Drive Not working (Solved)
  152. AOL will not install
  153. Link Kinect to Windows
  154. Laptop with combined mic/headphone jack, how to connect both mic & headphone ?
  155. sli GRFX CARDS
  156. XP Sandisk flash drive couldnot be installed
  157. Watermelon shaped USB Drive
  158. backup/restore blues
  159. Highlights on Microsoft Kinect From inside
  160. Windows 7 64-bit pro & not being able to print to older printers
  161. New hard drive not showing up as an accessable drive
  162. USB Floppy Drive: Request could not be performed because of an I/O device error
  163. DVD/CD ROM missing
  164. dvd disc video recovery
  165. Slow USB File Transfer
  166. Urgent help wifi connection in other country
  167. create a raid in VISTA
  168. DVD Rewriter not playing DVD movies ???
  169. how to get my usb 2.0 external 2 hdds enclosure to be seen as one volume.
  170. Windows machine problem
  171. Failing to boot hard drive
  172. Data Recovery - how to retrieve my deleted data back.
  173. Windows Vista, Won't boot after hibernate over night
  174. Another Sata HD problem
  175. How to open a new instance of an application using the mouse
  176. Hardware Tip: How to right click using the keyboard
  177. Belkin Mini Bluetooth Adapter
  178. Printer install - This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect
  179. Bad Drive
  180. Storage Key plug-in
  181. what is the lifespan of USB flashdrives used for readyboost?
  182. Maxell 8 GB USB Venture problem
  183. Can a 64-bit computer run a 32-bit windows 7?
  184. Asus CM5571 From Best Buy..
  185. Sound problem on XP
  186. Enable GPS in Dell Wireless 5530 Internal WWAN Mini Card
  187. Windows 7 now sees flash drives as 'movable discs'
  188. problem upgrading to Windows 7
  189. need help with SLi
  190. what software do i need to overclock my motherboard (FSB) ?
  191. How to DELETE Incompatible Driver in Vista
  192. Help saving my hard drive before it fails.
  193. Zune HD 4.5 firmware update is live
  194. is it possible to add geo sensor to my note book??
  195. Zune HD 64 GB ??
  196. Iomega External HDD problem!
  197. changing HDs
  198. Sata HD problems
  199. Internet WEP KEY Issues
  200. First Intel 6-core CPU now on sale
  201. Macrium again, restore CD
  202. USB not being recognized as 2.0 in Windows 7
  203. TouchScreen Computers
  204. Forget the iPad, look at this!
  205. macrium backup destination
  206. Hardware Requirement to display Aero Effect
  207. Duplicate printer (driver) windows 7
  208. Get a drive letter for an old slave hard drive while keeping the existing data
  209. USB Flash Drive Unaccessible
  210. webcam is shown reversed in msn ???
  211. Windows 7 hardware specs - Requirements, reality, etc. ?????
  212. Suggestions for older good spec laptos....
  213. Loosing my CD/DVD Drive - Nero problem
  214. vista 64bit ultimate - how to mirror
  215. New Netbooks seem to be ready
  216. Help with Windows Movie Maker
  217. Linksys setup cd-rom download ?
  218. Change drive type to local - PLEASE HELP
  219. Shared printer with different windows versions
  220. FAT32 under Windows 7
  221. Wide screen monitor on 815 mobo
  222. A little problem permanently changing the boot sequence in the BIOS
  223. How to test hard drive speed?
  224. Audio Driver problem! no output!!
  225. Remote Desktop on Windows 7
  226. Inaccessible External Drive
  227. Which Is The Best TV Tuner Card For Windows 7?
  228. Read and write speeds....question
  229. Acer Bio Protection not working.
  230. Urgent: Help me buy new CPU
  231. Best Computer disposal company in Australia
  232. Pros and Cons: 64-bit vs 32-bit Windows 7
  233. Make Your CD-ROM Read DVD's
  234. Microphone Array not working..help please
  235. My Printer que gets jammed.
  236. Hardware for Windows 7 - Useful Links
  237. Mouse 2.0: Multi-touch Meets the Mouse
  238. Windows 7 Performance Score and cards
  239. Free Disk read write measurement tool
  240. How to share internet b/w 2 PC's
  241. Mainstream Quad-Core CPU Performance Comparison
  242. Microsoft unveils Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000
  243. My Graphics Driver is freaking me out !!
  244. Old PC & LCD-monitor, not working ?
  245. Memory Technology Device not visible in device manager console
  246. Introducing Microsoft BlueTrack Techonology
  247. How to connect 2 PC's with 1 router
  248. Video Card
  249. Recovery D Drive
  250. Frame rate dropped in all games.