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Thread: Feedback: Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer

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    You can also check out this Thumbnail Tweaker

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    Interesting and Cool

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    I have windows 7 X64 and all of these tweaks work fine for me, the only difference is i do it all manually, i wouldn't trust any third party tool/app/program to touch the registries in any way, this is why i do it manually so i know exactly what is being changed.

    menu delay i change to 1

    mouse hover i changed to 1 to speed up taskbar thumbnails.

    but the speed may not suit everyone so it is trial an error.
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    Default Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customization dowload 'virus threat'...

    I have Norton, running PC, HP Pavilion dv7, Windows 7.

    I tried to download the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail customization which was created by user Kishan and got an error stating it was a virus. Norton automatically deleted it.

    I attached a print screen. Could someone assist? Or do I just shut off firewall protection briefly and download it?

    EDIT: for some reason i' not allowed to attach attachments..
    EDIT: for some other reason, i'm not allowed to attach a URL either to show you the link I downloaded from..

    Can anyone answer those 2 questions too?

    Help anyone!?

    Thanks ya'll -

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    You may post the URLs without the http/www and I will correct it.

    But rest assured its a false positive by your Norton. You can see Jotti Scan's results here: Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer v 1.2.exe - Jotti's malware scan

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