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    Default PC Tools™ Privacy Guardian 4.5 Internet Privacy Software

    "Download Privacy Guardian for FREE!

    Benefit from year round privacy with the latest release copy of Privacy Guardian – PC Tools' powerful, simple and easy to install software, allowing you to erase online Internet tracks and program activity.

    This is our way of saying thanks for your continued support!

    Warm regards,
    Your PC Tools Team

    Sign-up now, it's free!

    To claim your free copy of Privacy Guardian please complete the details below. You will receive an email with your license code and instructions on how to download the software."

    Internet Privacy Software | Privacy Guardian

    "What's new?

    Privacy Guardian incorporates a number of improvements and enhancements:

    A new and improved Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    Privacy Guardian's new GUI is more intuitive, easier to use and consistent with other PC Tools products. Buttons on the left of the interface and Main Status screen allow you to:
    Execute a customizable Clean to remove Internet tracks, history information and other sensitive data from your PC

    Shred sensitive files and the Recycle Bin contents, rendering them unrecoverable

    Access Privacy Guardian's settings

    Improved support for third-party software
    New items have been added to the third-party products cleaned by Privacy Guardian, and upgrades have been made to items cleaned in the previous version.

    Shred files directly with Windows® Explorer right-click support
    Multiple files can be securely shredded directly in Windows® Explorer, using a new right-click menu function. Additionally, the Shredder function is now fully integrated into the Privacy Guardian application.

    A Smart Update tool, allowing Privacy Guardian to obtain upgrades and improvements easily
    Privacy Guardian now incorporates a Smart Update tool for easy upgrades to functionality and third-party software.

    Incorporation of user-friendly help
    Privacy Guardian incorporates new, user-friendly help, which is accessible from the Help menu. Read on for further details on using Privacy Guardian and its new features in order to get the most out of its functionality.
    Privacy Guardian Features

    Cleans traces of online Internet tracks, history information and other sensitive data
    Privacy Guardian allows selective cleaning of all traces of online Internet activities such as cache, cookies, index.dat and history from a variety of web browsers on your PC. This includes other sensitive data such as the Windows® Recycle Bin contents, temporary files and the Recent File/URL lists of Microsoft Office Suite, Windows® Media Player and many other third-party applications.

    Permanently deletes traces of online Internet tracks, history information and other sensitive data from your PC
    Once Privacy Guardian cleans your PC, it can render the data it has cleaned and removed unrecoverable by using the Bleach Free Space feature.

    Support for a variety of web browser applications
    Privacy Guardian provides support for cleaning Internet activities from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers.

    Support for a wide array of third-party software
    Privacy Guardian is also capable of cleaning activity tracks from over 50 third-party applications, including Kazaa, ICQ, iMesh and many more.

    Bleaches free space on a drive, rendering deleted information unrecoverable by standard file recovery methods
    Free space on a drive can be bleached and sensitive files can be shredded using US Department of Defense standard (DoD 5220.22-M) rendering them unrecoverable by standard file recovery methods.

    Restores valuable hard drive space and improves system performance
    System performance can be improved and hard drive space restored once your PC has been cleaned with Privacy Guardian."

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyAndyK View Post
    Yeah, my memory has it leaks

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    this is freebie since last year

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