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    Default Lexmark Printer will not work with IE according to Lexmark Tech

    I'm new to this forum so if I'm posting in wrong place please forgive me.

    I'm having lots of problems with Lexmark Printer X4975 connected wirelessly to my desktop.

    Tech support told me that IE is the problem as it will work with Safari, but he told me to contact Internet Explorer to see what can be done about it.

    Can anyone suggest what i can try?

    Pages come out blank or with symbols when I try to print from IE.

    Thanks so much


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    I do not use Lexmark, but it appears that many are facing this problem.

    Try this. Create a system restore point first.

    Check Fix: Cannot or Unable to print Web pages in Internet Explorer 9

    Else pls see if this Fix It from Microsoft helps you.

    Else try this solution suggested by Lexmark:

    You may have to change the communication format called the "Spool format."

    Please follow the steps given below to change the spool data format:

    1. Click on "Start," "Control Panel," "Printers and Other Hardware" and "Printers and Faxes."
    2. Then, right click on the Lexmark printer icon and left click "Properties."
    3. Either on the "Advanced" tab or the "General" tab for some models,
    there is a "Print Processor" button, left click it.
    4. This is the spool format setting. Under "Print processor" it should be set to Lexmark. Next, under "Default datatype," select "NT EMF 1.008." <Select what may apply to you here>
    5 . Click "OK" and exit back out to your desktop.
    6. Please try printing again.

    Hope something helps.

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    Thanks Happy Andy I tried all that but none worked. When i select NT EMF 1.008 i then click apply etc but it reverts back to RAW ??? Thanks anyway !!

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