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    Default IE11 hacked 17 fake profiles

    I'd be grateful if any of you can please help : I've got win10 and although I switched off ie11 when I got win10 and although I never use ie11, nevertheless it's constantly generating lots of temp files - which I see every time I use ccleaner - and up to 5, 11 and now 17 fake profiles - which I see every time I use spybot search and destroy - which implies that I've been hacked and that they're using my computer for various nefarious activities. There's no ie11 icon anywhere, file explorer can't find ie11 and no other types of search find it so I can't get into it to attempt to reset it or clean it and, of course, win10 doesn't let you delete it. Occasionally it brings up msn and bing, neither of which I ever use. Malwarebytes, avast, panda and spybot (and avira and tdskiller before I deleted them) can't find the malware. Any ideas, please? Other than binning the computer and windows and getting a new machine and using linux I've run out of ideas. Thanks if you can help.

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    There are other ways the temp files may be created. Maybe Edge is creating them. Anyway run CCleaner and then AdwCleaner.

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