I everyday work in Word 2013 on my laptop, using two separate (personal) Word documents and move text between the two using the drag’n’drop technique and have both of these documents are set at the Arial font and 10 point.

Here’s my dilemma: whenever I execute the drag’n’drop procedure, the dragged text in the destination document suddenly changes itself to Arial (Calibri) and raises the font size to 11.

Prior to posting this question I did a comparison at my workplace creating the same scenario with 2 completely new (work-based) Word documents on the desktop PC, strangely this formatting change doesn’t happen; so obviously it is a extra setting with one or both of my documents (on the laptop) that needs to be made. Can anyone shed some light on how to prevent (gremlin) formatting changes?

A little extra information is that one of the documents was created back in the days of Word ‘97 continued in Word 2010 and now in Word 2013.