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    Default Word crashes randomly. What is the improvement in Word 2013/16?

    I am 'Mega-mad' with Microsoft, and everyone posting 'so-called' informative pages onto the web, because as the title here will suggest, nowhere is there a site detailing the comparison in Word 2013/16 which I am wanting to read up on.

    I have a big Word 2013 document which randomly crashes (I understand this can't be helped and was no big deal the first few times); but every Word user will agree that crashes at one point become infuriating. I am highly curious to know if I go ahead and upgrade to Office 2016, will Word continue to crash at the same (or reduced) rate and is crashing even addressed by Microsoft.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    The crashing could be due to some installed addon. Run Word in safe mode and troubleshoot. Disable some addons and see. To do this copy-paste winword.exe /a in Start Search box and hit Enter.

    A little more information here: Fix: Microsoft Word has stopped working in Windows

    There are several improvements in Word 2016 over Word 2013, but as I said your crashings is something which could be fixed.

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