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    Default Opera is now a Chinese company, after $600 million sale !

    "What’s a browser with 10 percent of the mobile market worth ?
    $600 million, apparently.
    A consortium of Chinese companies led by Qihoo 360 purchased the browser and several other Opera assets,
    including the company’s name.
    Qihoo 360 is known in China for its mobile app store and anti-virus software.

    Opera, a Norweigan company, tried to sell the entire company to this same consortium for $1.2 billion earlier this year,
    but that deal was terminated.
    The new deal sells off huge chunks of the company, Engadget is reporting.
    The famous Opera browser, both mobile and desktop versions, are part of this sale.
    So are Opera’s performance and privacy apps,
    as well as all of Opera’s tech licensing (outside of the Opera TV ecosystem).
    The Consortium has also acquired the name “Opera.”

    Full story: Opera Browser Sold To Chinese Consortium For $600 Billion | Digital Trends

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    WOW! Do you know Yahoo acquired by Verizon in more than 4 Billion $?????

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    Today among alternative non-Microsoft browsers - it is Chrome and Firefox all the way!

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