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    Default Registry key to add options for rightclick on selected text

    I would like to add an option to search for selected text with Google to anywhere in Windows 10 that the text is selected whether it is in Word or Notepad or any instance where I can highlight and select the text.
    Currently, there is always a menu offerering options such a right to left reading order or Open IME etc. I have not been able to locate the registry key where these options come from in order to add another

    I would like to add the option of opening a browser and searching with Google using that text just as it is if the text selected is on a webpage opened in Chrome. To accomplish this with selected text in Word or other text file requires a lot of copy, open browser, pate to google search, etc.

    Is there a way to add this same functionality to all right click on selected text menus?

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    Default Add search with google to context menu?

    So basically you want to add search with google to context menu? That could be difficult as context menus are created by the application, application-wise, and not the OS.

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