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    Default How to Log in to Windows 10 successfully

    I was recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my laptop.

    Yesterday, I was able to get to my homepage fine as I always have.

    Today I was unable to do so. After Windows 10 appears on my screen, the first thing I see is a picture of nature with the date and time. I typically hit enter to come to the next screen.

    In the past the next screen had my first name, and the windows 4 squares.

    I usually click enter again and then my home page icons load up on the screen. Now on the second screen there is a box for entering a password that I have never seen before.

    I don't remember ever establishing a password to log on previously.

    Any suggestions on how I can continue from here and successfully get to my homepage?

    Many thanks.

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    Use the PIN you used or your Microsoft account password to log in successfully. It should work.

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