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Thread: Getting Rid of Network Adapter Sequential Numbering!

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    Default Getting Rid of Network Adapter Sequential Numbering!

    Hi. I have two Wi-Fi adapters on my Win10x64 PC - an internal and an external on the roof of my motorhome via USB.

    The first is named "Wi-Fi" and the second "Wi-Fi 4", which drives me bananas.

    In the registry I found two instances of "Wi-Fi 4" and changed them to "External Wi-Fi". The "classic" control panel displays for Network show this name. BUT, the modern gui still calls it "Wi-Fi 4", and I cannot find where this label is coming from.

    Screen caps below showing the disparity.

    Plz advise, thanks! /jim


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    I do not know of any way to hack the Modern UI app files. It would be difficult...

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