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Thread: Can I choose what Updates are installed on Windows 10?

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    Default Can I choose what Updates are installed on Windows 10?

    Hi all and my apologies if this is a stupid question on my first visit to the site...I have a degree in those.

    I am looking at buying a W10 laptop not my main machine (important machines are my W7 ones which I wont be looking to change) and have a single question that I would like to get a definitive answer to:

    in Any version; can I choose what updates are installed rather than whatever is pushed out from Redmond. I dont mean can I delay or defer, I mean can I chose to Never accept any update I decide to?

    I have seen the following post How to block unwanted Windows Updates in Windows 10 when doing a random web search, which seems to say I can; but because it is dated 2015 and MS policy changes when the wind does and because it is not clear if it applies to only Non "Home" versions, I would like to clarify. If this patch/download allows this, is it still available now?

    Any assistance appreciated.

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    Yes, that Show or Hide Update tool still works.

    But if you choose to not install some, future updates may become unavailable to you.

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