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Thread: Customization is lost when I copy customized folders

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    Default Customization is lost when I copy customized folders

    I have a problem copying customized folders. Customization is lost when I copy customized folders.

    Before Windows 10 correctly copied customized folders from a disc to another or inside the same disc. Now, when I copy a customized folder, the customized look goes lost.

    I make a practical example below.

    1. Open Local Disc (C) and I create two folders. Let's call them "Folder 1" and "Folder 2"


    2. I right click on "Folder 1".
    A menu appears. On this menu, I select "Properties".

    On "Properties", I select "Customize". Here I have the chance to change the look of my "Folder 1".

    I choose a look of my choice ( any is ok ).


    3. Now my "Folder 1" looks different from "Folder 2"


    4. I COPY the "Folder 1".

    I open the "Folder 2" and I PASTE my "Folder 1".
    What do I get?

    "Folder 1" without the previous customization. Why??? It is wrong. I'm copying something. It must be copied as it is.


    5. I delete the copy.
    I exit "Folder 2" and go back to Local Disc (C).

    I left click click on "Folder 1" and, keeping clicked, I move it inside "Folder 2".
    I open "Folder 2" and I find my "Folder 1" with its customized look. ( !!!! )


    6. Now I open Local Disc (D).
    So I have opened : "Folder 2" ( that contains my customized "Folder1" and Local Disc (D).
    I left click on "Folder 1" and, keeping clicked, I move it in Local Disc (D).
    ATTENTION : this time "Folder 1" will not be really "moved" from "Folder 2" to Local Disc (D), but copied.
    Well, the result is bad again : the "Folder 1" is copied in Local Disc (D) without the customization.

    So, it is rather clear that something is wrong when the folders are copied.
    How to solve?

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    Customizations are stored in a hidden Desktop.ini file. When you move a customized folder to another location or an external drive, customization gets lost.

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