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Thread: Reset or restore all security permissions of User Accounts to default settings

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    Default Reset or restore all security permissions of User Accounts to default settings

    I have mixed permissions on Windows 10 from trying to back one windows.old file and windows-bt. I added "Everyone" to the user names and groups list but there's a red icon on the administrator account with an X it has "Special Permissions" I haven't found a single thing I couldn't do on the computer I was even able to update and play games on it.

    1.How bad is this and how vulnerable is my computer? Again I haven't found anything I couldn't do or any errors and I'm the only one that uses this laptop. It does have kasperky.

    2. What's the safest way to undo these changes? I found a method for it using the cmd but it's seems risky from the mixed results I read from other users and I don't want to make things worst than they already are if they're bad.

    3. How do I know what profile I'm using and what permssions it has? I'm aware that I'm using a local account on windows 10, but when I check the users in the task manager I see the original name from before I changed it. Is there a way to switch to the administrator (not the hidden one) account? and is there a way to make my local account an administrator?

    4. What is the interactive account? because I'm also seeing that in user names and groups ever since I made the channges.

    5. What's the difference between the administrator and the administrators accounts?

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