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    Default Your computer is low on memory message on Windows 10


    On occasions I receive a pop-up message telling me that Your computer is low on memory and must close certain programs in order to continue. I did a little searching and have come across one solution, I thought. It's this process below:

    Windows key+X
    Control Panel
    Search "Troubleshooting"
    View All
    There is a list of troubleshooters

    I had no success. Just wondering if anyone can help.

    Thank you.

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    If you receive a Your computer is low on memory message on Windows 10, here are you may want to consider:

    Run Disk cleanup tool. Increase RAM. Identify & shutdown or eliminate resource-hogging processes. Uninstall inefficeint programs.

    Please see:
    System Maintenance Troubleshooter: Run Windows computer maintenance tasks
    Troubleshoot Performance issues in Windows 10/8/7
    Close programs to prevent information loss message in Windows 10
    Fix: Your system is running low on virtual memory

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