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Thread: Windows 10 won't update to Anniversary Update

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    Question Windows 10 won't update to Anniversary Update

    July/August of 2015 I attempted to upgrade my Windows 7 machine to Windows 10. The compatibility check said that it would work. However, after several attempts, I called Microsoft. The PC would start the install but then slow down to a crawl. After 3-4 days it would achieve only about 30% installed and then fail. It would then revert back to the Win 7 install. I explained this to a MS rep. He took control of my machine and made some changes with MSConfig. Then he installed Win 10 in a snap. It was done in an hour or so.

    Now my PC has been a Windows 10 PC for a year and I am trying to install the Anniversary Update. Same story as last year. It starts and never finishes. 3-4 days of wasted spinning.

    So, after several attempts, I called MS and told her the whole story. I expected she might take control of my machine and fix it like the guy did last year. Instead, she said, "Your computer is not compatible with Win 10. Sorry, . . . good bye."

    But my machine IS running Win 10! Anyone have any thoughts? What could I disable in MSConfig that would make this work?

    Thanks, Terry.

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    He must have used MSConfig to perform a clean boot and thrn upgraded.

    Anyway you may try this:

    Disable your antivirus software.

    Then Rename or delete Software Distribution folder in Windows 10/8/7

    Now try to update.

    If you can identify the error code, see this: Windows 10 Anniversary Update problems and Freezing issues

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