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    Default How to cross reference a failing file to a failed Windows Update?

    When I boot the new upgrades try to install and then I get updates failed and removing updates.

    When I check in windows\software distribution and open reporting events I can see the failing update (6158F6B-7833-4CD0-8E20-FCF6A7576A7C). Dsim will not run it keeps asking for an elevated user, even though I am using the Administrator version of command or notepad.

    How can I get the cross reference between the failing file and the update name (kb???)

    When I boot up Windows 10 it eventually loads after trying to update and failing. Updates get installed fail and are removed. Looking at some of the posts suppose I am lucky.

    In the Reportingevents file in windows\software distribution The failing update is noted as a file name not an update reference.

    Is it possible to cross reference the failing file (76158F6B-7833-4CD0-8E20-FCF6A7576A7C) to an update set (Kb???)? I need then just to uninstall the update and download it again so that I am kept up to date.

    Any assistance is appreciated.


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    Regarding you question on how to 'cross reference' I have no idea.

    If installing the Updates is what you are looking for, you may clear the contents of your SoftwareDistribution folder and try again. The Updates should install.

    Else navigate to C\Windows\WinSxS\ folder, search for a pending.xml file and rename it. You may even delete it. This will allow Windows Update to delete pending tasks and build a fresh new update check. See if this helps.

    Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes.
    We couldn't complete the updates, Undoing changes

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