Since updating to windows 10 from my previous version (windows 8) I've had an odd problem: When I change my desktop image, windows no longer automatically focuses on the image currently displayed on my desktop.

Ex: I right click on the desktop, click "Personalize" and then "Browse" - a window containing my images opens, but where windows 8 automatically found and focused on the image currently seen on my desktop, Windows 10 just opens the window without finding the image for me.

So why's that a problem?

I have thousands of images, and I change to the next image in the folder every day. Finding a particular image can be time consuming and very frustrating, especially when Windows 10 doesn't even display the name of the currently used image.

I've lived with this issue for more than a year and I'm beyond tired of dealing with this - am I unique in having an issue? Is there a fix, or a work-around/suggestion you can give?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.