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Thread: Windows 10 Start Menu is gone

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    Default Windows 10 Start Menu is gone

    I am having an ongoing problem with Microsoft Technical Support and am looking advise. (I will try to keep this as short as possible.)

    I am running Windows 10 with Office 365. On 09/13/16 an automatic update to Windows occurred, I was gone and did not realize there was an issue until 09/21/16. When I tried to use the computer on 09/21 I realized that my start menu was gone. (I do not know if the update and missing Start Menu are connected.) I ran a couple Troubleshooting programs and they indicated I should revert back to a previous back up. The only backup file that was available was dated 09/13/16. After restoring the back up I had the same problem.

    At this point I initiated a chat with Microsoft Technical Support. After a long and frustrating chat (it was clear to me that the person I was chatting with either was not very proficient technically or could not understand Engish very well) I was told that my User Profile was corrupt and that I would need to create a new one. I was told how to create the new profile (named TEST) and after I verified that the full start menu was present on the new profile the chat was ended.

    Over the next couple of days, I realized that although the new profile was working correctly not all my data files had been transferred to the new profile. I managed to recover most of my data but was unable to populate the Outlook 2016 Calendar on the new user profile. So on 09/27/16 I once again contacted Microsoft Support. After another long drawn out chat, I was told that the issue was more complicated than was originally thought and the case would have to be escalated to their RESEARCH TEAM for resolution. I was told to expect a phone call from someone at 08:30 on 09/28. On 09/28 I waited until approximately 10:15. and initiated another Chat and spent over an hour on the computer waiting while he contacted another technician. In the end he told me that someone would call me today 09/29 at 8 am. And today 09/29 was a repeat of yesterday, with them telling me that I will bet a call from their Level 2 tomorrow 9 am 9/30.

    So for the last week I have been stuck having to switch back and forth between User Profiles depending on what I want to do. Needless to say I am becoming very frustrated with the Technical Support process. Is this typical and does anyone have any suggestions.

    Thank you, in advance for any suggests. XAF

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