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Thread: Windows 10 Update and Two-Step Verification

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    Question Windows 10 Update and Two-Step Verification

    I run my PC 24/7 and have it set to update on its own and reboot on its own. In order to unlock or log in to my Windows PC, I have two-step verification set up so the PC basically needs my phone to allow the log in. The problem I am having is that the PC is updating and doing its reboot, but obviously without access to my phone, it can only sit in the welcome screen waiting for me to allow it to unlock. This then means I have to wait a healthy five to ten minutes for everything to load up and the PC to "calm down" to the point that it is usable, as is typical of Windows PCs.

    Is there any way around this issue that would not reduce my PC's security or do I just need to turn these automated updates off and manually run them myself. At this point it seems like I am seeing at least two reboots a week from Windows 10.

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    There is no way around this. You will have to manually run the updates.

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