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    Default Any app to disconnect Internet connection yet leave LAN On?

    I have several PC's running windows 10 (& a few linux mint) , on a gigabit Ethernet home network. windows 10 updates at inconvenient times.

    When I go to use them one or another of the w10 PC's will start to download updates - so I cant use the network or browse the web.

    I'm able to turn the network connection on & off using shortcuts on the desktop:

    netsh interface set interface name="Ethernet" admin=disabled


    netsh interface set interface name="Ethernet" admin=disabled

    however that means I can not access that machine on the LAN.

    Can anyone suggest a way (or better still write an app) to allow the machine to be disconnected from (& reconnected to) the internet yet leave the LAN access turned on?

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    Try this method - Remove DNS Server and Default Gateway addresses and see.

    Open Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection. In the Local Area Connection Status dialog box that appears, click Properties. Select Internet Protocol [TCP/IP] , and then click the Properties button.

    Next select Use the following IP Address, and enter the IP address of your computer. Also enter the correct code for the "Subnet Mask" field and the correct information for the Default Gateway field. Next enter the correct information in the Preferred DNS Server area & Alternate DNS Server area as well.

    Click OK and exit.

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    Check RNoels post here Microsoft Community

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    very nice information . I didn`t know about it

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