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Thread: Windows 10 upgrade failed

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    Exclamation Windows 10 upgrade failed

    I upgraded my laptop to windows 10 with the free update offered sometime ago, all worked fine. I recently wiped the hard drive and did a factory reset. The reset put my windows 8 back on and I then began the online update process. I started my update and 8 hours later the screen isn't moving or showing any progress. The screen is black with hp inside a circle on the screen. I restarted computer and then using f11 to access reformat option again since I assumed the upgrade failed.

    Now when I try to start over again, nothing will work. I'll tell it to erase all data and it will say something happened and it cannot. Now when I turn on computer it sits with just hp printed on the screen light blinks on laptop randomly, but not frequently. I can't even reformat and go back to windows 8. I have left it sitting with the hp sign again for another 8 hours and all I see is hp, with a random blink of hard disk light. Model is hp - E5D85UA

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    Need the exact error message you receive. Then search for it on this site.
    The Windows Club Search Results

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