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Thread: Fresh install of Windows 10 on computer with broken screen

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    Default Fresh install of Windows 10 on computer with broken screen

    Hello, I hope somebody can help me please!
    I have a Lenovo C260 all-in-one desktop computer, and the screen is broken. I have been happily using it with an HMDI connected monitor. Unfortunately, the OS became corrupted with virii, and I decided to go for a clean install with a Win 10 ISO from Windows, usinf a USB stick.
    All went well...until it rebooted...and of course...I can't see anything, because the computer needs to be projecting the screen to the HDMI unit, and I am assuming the original setup has been changed, and it doesn't automatically do so after a fresh clean install.
    I have tried clicking Fn and F4, and nothing happens. I have tried the Windows logo and 'P', still nothing. I can't afford another computer, being a pensioner, and I would really like to get this setup going again. Do I have any chance to get it going, and direct the screen to the monitor? I would really appreciate any help you can give me!Thank you for your time.
    Nicholas Cann

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    Not sure if this will help but you can press Windows key + P. Then down arrow key once and then Enter key. Make sure the second screen is already connected and is ON. let us know if it helped. If not, we can try doing something else to get it working.

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