Hi Folks, new to the forum, but I haven't found any post that speaks to the foregoing title. I'm using Win 10 and it is the software to Finale Songwriter 2010 with which I have a problem. From other comments I have read on various support group postings, the problem seems to be a basic Windows problem which one writer suggested all Windows users should learn how to correct. Unfortunately, how to do this was not given.
Previous actions: I have migrated back to a laptop and I am slowly uploading my previous software, albeit, probably saved incorrectly on stick and other external drives. The Finale program is a legacy software, so there is no Finale support. I have the program working to do new notation, but it is the old notation files that I want to activate. The file extension is .MUS and clicking to open I get the error message indicated in the title.
Any suggestions from the more enlightened members of the club?