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    Default HD blitzed during update install, now can't get it to start. help?

    newbie to the forum *WAVE* hey y'all!

    i've a problem, an it's a doozy.

    i have an HP G7 pavillion laptop. i did the free upgrade to win 10. yeah that was a DISASTER unto itself. but my HUGE problem came about this way. the hp has bios bs that if the pc temp gets to high it shuts the laptop down. so during a HUGE win 10 update? it got so hot it shut down. now i CANNOT get win 10 to load. nada. i've checked. i used an external cable and checked the HD on a linux pc, all my files are there i just can't GET to them. IT is SOOOO frustrting. i've imp. paperwork on that drive i need.

    any suggestions?

    so..any suggestions?

    Thanks for anyone's help.

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    Hi there - I seriously think you need to take it to a hardware technician.

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