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Thread: Office 2013 deactivated on my Windows 10 os

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    Default Office 2013 deactivated on my Windows 10 os

    Last April (2016) I purchased Office 2013 pro from NerdsforLess and received a product key which I applied to download from MS website. A couple weeks ago this product was deactivated by MS. I could not re-apply product key either over the Internet or by phone. I talked to MS tech support who told me that MS had deactivated my Office software because the product key had been leaked and that the seller (NerdsforLess) would give me a replacement key. Bob, at NerdsforLess, denied he knew anything about the key being leaked (he actually accused me of leaking the key--yeah right, a personal, professional person is going to sell a key as opposed to a large discount reseller!) and refused to refund my purchase price or provide me with a replacement key. My question is: How can MS justify deactivating my product key when I have proof I paid for the product and there is no way to know who leaked the key? MS did not consult me on this and as far as I can tell, did not research the leaking. So how come I get screwed when I played by the rules (paying for a product and properly registering it)? Thank you for any comments.

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    They may have sold the same key to several users, who may have genuinely paid for it. So in such cases, where a key is leaked, Microsoft or for that matter any software developer would deactivate the key.

    It is therefore best to buy license keys from official authorized sellers.

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