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    Default Connection failed with error 651 in Windows 10

    I am receiving Connection failed with error 651 in Windows 10 when I try to connect to the Internet on one of my PCs.

    Any ideas?

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    Various Connection failed errors may occur when you try to connect your Windows computer to the Internet. You could receive a Connection failed with error 651 when your Network driver or Hardware fails to perform correctly. Error 691 may occur if your VPN is incorrectly configured. Errors 800, 807, 812, 868 could occur if your computer is unable to establish a VPN connection.

    If you are facing any of these errors, Here are a few things you could try:

    1. Restart your PC and your router and see.
    2. Check your Internet connection and ensure that all the cables are connected firmly.
    3. Check the connection between the client and VPN server
    4. Ensure that the user name & password you are using for the Internet connect as well as the VPN connection is correct.
    5. Delete and recreate your VPN connection
    6. Temporarily disable your Firewall and check if it solves the problem. If it does then you may need to check your firewall configuration, perhaps you could reset Windows Firewall settings to default values.
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