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Thread: Windows 10 Mail app problems

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    Default Windows 10 Mail app problems

    I am a newbie so be gentle.

    I have used Windows 10 since it was released and have used the Mail app that came with the OS. I have had some issues with this mail client. Here are the issues and I ask for guidance from the users of this program:
    1. Messages won't send: I create a message and press send, but the message sits in the draft folder and won't send. Nothing happens.

    2. Messages aren't received: In most cases, I can receive all message from friends and clients. However, in some cases, I can't receive emails at all. My friends tell me that they receive a "account not active" or words to that effect response.

    3. Must confirm personal information to connected accounts: This happens more often that not. I get a message from Microsoft in my inbox that says I must reconnect to my accounts, re-enter passwords or POP, STML info, etc., etc. If I don't enter the right info, the program won't update.

    4. Website Security Certification Warning: On or about 18 February 2017, the Mail webpage suddenly showed a webpage security certification warning as follows:

    There’s a problem with this This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.

    Go to my homepage instead.

    Continue to this webpage (not recommended)".

    I have ignored the warning and go directly to the mail program. As this is a Microsoft developed program, will MS create a new website security certificate?

    A lot of questions and I do appreciate your indulgence.


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    I hope you have configured your Windows 10 Mail app settings correctly
    Windows 10 Mail App tips & tricks

    Scan your computer with your antivirus software.

    Is this the message you see? Reconnect Outlook to for uninterrupted email access

    Reinstall the Mail and Calendar apps and see if it helps.

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    As said, please check for any Malware . Is your mail account works properly when using directly from browser? Delete your mail account from Mail app. and add it again.
    ALso you can Reset the Mail app from Settings > Apps > Apps & features > scroll down to Mail & calendar > Advanced options > Reset
    Also from Windows Store , update the Mail app with latest version. Try these & see if it helps.
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