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Thread: Safe to remove hardware notification with portable drive.

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    Default Safe to remove hardware notification with portable drive.

    I do not receive the "Safe to remove hardware" message when I click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in Windows 10. The icon is present to allow me to select the device I wish to remove, but I don't get the blue notification box telling me that it's safe. My wife's two PC's work as expected, but my desktop PC doesn't. I have to watch the drive and wait until the LED access light goes out. I went through "Ultimate Windows Tweaker", and didn't see anything there that might affect that.
    Any ideas?
    <edit> If I turn on the old-style "balloon tooltips", I get the notification in the balloon. If I try to use the new-style (Win 8/Win 10) "toast" notification, I get nothing. I guess that will have to be my workaround. </edit>

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