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Thread: Installings apps to external HDD - Permissions

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    Default Installings apps to external HDD - Permissions

    I have a Windows 10 system and my C: drive is an SSD. I have an external HDD for my E: drive and in general as I add various apps to my system I would like to put (install) the least used ones on my E: drive when possible.

    In Windows 10 I have created only a single user account, "xpsUser". It has admin privileges I believe.

    I have reinstalled Windows from scratch once already, in case that makes a difference. Note there might have already been a directory on my C: drive such as C:\Users and C:\Users\xpsUser from my previous Windows 10 installs - I don't think the C: drive was completely wiped out when I reinstalled Win10 from scratch.

    And I have been having some access / permission problems with C:\Users\xpsUser.

    [When I look at the permissions for the C:\Users\xpsUser directory, three accounts have full access to it (System, Administrator and xpsUser) so I when I am logged in as xpsUser, I don't see why certain operations fail due to access permission. Of course there was a user called xpsUser in my previous Win10 installation and that xpsUser account may have first created the c:\Users\xpsUser directory, but from the perspective of the Windows explorer file properties and permissions, right now Windows is telling me that xpsUser does have permission!]

    If there is some residue (such as a special UUID number for certain accounts) or if I need to run a special powershell command (again) to give full ownership and access to xpsUser on this folder, please let me know!


    A good example of a symptom is happening now.

    I am attempting to "install" GIMP 2.8

    [Yes there is a portable version of GIMP but I like the idea of installs, as long as I can retain program files on my secondary E: drive. Plus this is good learning opportunity to find out why I can't accomplish this type of install for other apps!]

    I am running the GIMP installer .exe, not going through a Windows install menu function or shell command. The GIMP installer seems to follow the usual windows installer mechanism...

    I tell the GIMP installer that I wish to install in E:\AppProgramFiles instead of the usual C:\Program FIles. And it complies, there are many files installed there at the end of the install.

    However the install fails/warns when it *cannot create* a sub folder in my C:\Users\xpsUser directory, for .gimp-2.8.

    I finish the install and manually go to run the Windows command prompt with elevated admin privileges. I manually create the sub folder

    I run the GIMP app anyway and manually set some preferences.

    It complains it "cannot write the init file .gimprc" in the gimp-2.8 folder! And then it fails *again* when it tries to create a swap file
    under that folder.

    Keeping in mind the objective that I would like to have the bulk of the app installation files set up on my E drive E:\AppProgramFiles, it looks like the current situation will not work well for GIMP as it still expects to pick up certain files from C:\User\xpsUser and
    there is some permission glitch.

    Is there a basic problem with my c:\Users\xpsUser folder that I should address before installing any apps? How?

    Or, should I try to work around this problem by creating these .gimp subfolders and specific files on the E: drive and then manually creating "softlinks" on the c:\Users\xpsUser folder to point to them?

    I can see that this kind of arrangement would be quite normal for an app under Windows 10, creating a user specific app subfolder on the
    C drive under C:\Users\xpsUser, for user specific parameter files, and perhaps even swap space.

    thanks a lot for your help

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    If you formatted and clean installed, there couldn't be any files from old OS. But if you just chose Reinstall, yes there could be. And those old file may give you permission issues.

    Perhaps this xda forums link may throw some light on permissions issues.

    Also take a look at > Install Windows 10 Apps to another Partition or External Drive

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