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Thread: How do I stop Windows 10 from continuing to update my PC

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    Default How do I stop Windows 10 from continuing to update my PC

    This Windows 10 v1703 update has tried to apply 6 times now. Every time, I have to roll it back. All my Office 2010 products have various issues, Word, Access, Excel, Outlook.
    In Excel you cannot select a cell without clicking it 5 to 20 times, then to move to another cell same thing. Dialogue boxes are blank, the selections are there they just do not show. VBA does not function correctly, F8 key brings up Find Dialogue box, but it is blank. Macros run with errors that were working before update.

    In Word you have to click the left mouse button repeatedly to get it to allow you to type. Then it will accept 5 letters then freeze. When you try to select the File menu you keep getting pushed back to the Home menu. Dialogue boxes are blank.

    Access, you cannot select a cell, without left mouse clicking 10 to 20 times, if you then make a change the screen freezes for 1 to 5 minutes. When you try to select the File menu, you get gibberish in the column. Dialogue boxes are again blank. Was not able to save data changes, probably because I did not select the correct place to click in the blank dialogue box.

    Outlook cannot find my AOL account. Dialogue boxes are blank. Menu bars are also not consistent.

    How can I keep Microsoft Update from continuing to update and make my office products become not usable.

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    Go to services.msc and disable Windows update
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