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    Default Using Windows 10 MBR2GPT conversion tool with secondary drives

    We’ve used the MBR2GPT conversion tool on a number of Windows 10 system (boot) drives and it has performed admirably. It’s an extraordinarily useful “tool” for many of us as I’m sure most of you are aware.

    However we’ve failed to use this “tool” successfully for secondary drives when the secondary drive does not contain an OS. Since many, if not most, secondary drives are used for storage/backups, etc., they usually do not contain an OS.

    We have found a “workaround” by cloning an OS to the secondary drive and then invoking the MBR2GPT conversion tool which then succeeds in the conversion process. Naturally we then delete the OS from the drive following the successful conversion process.

    So it seems the “tool” needs to detect a OS installed on the secondary disk before it will undertake the conversion process. BTW, it doesn't seem to matter what OS is installed...we've installed Win 7, Win 8.1, and of course, Win 10 on the MBR-partitioned secondary drive and the MBR2GPT conversion tool was able to successfully undertake the drive's conversion to GPT.

    Needless to say the “workaround” we’ve found is a rather tortuous unsatisfactory one. I realize third-party partition management programs can carry out the MBR to GPT conversion process on secondary drives but it seems to me it would be much more desirable to effect this conversion through a utility incorporated in the Windows 10 OS.

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    Thank you for posting the workaround.

    You can use MBR2GPT to perform the following:

    •[Within the Windows PE environment]: Convert any attached MBR-formatted disk to GPT, including the system disk.
    •[From within the currently running OS]: Convert any attached MBR-formatted disk to GPT, including the system disk.

    Hope you are using the right syntax. There is some more information about this on Microsoft. Perhaps it ill help you.

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