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    Default In multi-drive systems, does System Reset wipe all drives, or only the system drive?

    Version 10.0.14393

    I have a Dell Inspiron 17 7779 with a 128 GB SSD system drive and a 1TB HD. I have set my "library" folders (Documents, Pictures, Music, etc.) to exist on the D: (hard) drive, as well as locating my primary Outlook PST file to that drive. Although I have created a Recovery thumb drive, as well as creating a system image, backing up both drives to an external 1TB hard drive, I can envision a worst case scenario where I might have to do a System Reset (completely reinstall Windows).

    So, my question is, since my system currently exists on the 128 GB SSD C: drive, with, AFAIK, no involvement of the D: drive, if I do a System Reset, will the process wipe only my C: drive for the reinstall, leaving my data alone, or will it insist on needlessly wiping the D: drive as well?

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    Only the System Drive on which the OS is installed.

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