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    Question Windows 10 will not boot after the last upgrade.

    Microsoft did the normal updates last week and now my machine will not boot. The only function working is the F12 button. I cannot do a smart boot. Computer is total locked.

    I have removed the hard drive from the computer and installed the drive in a external case via USB so I can pull off my data files and such.

    Is there any way to remove the last updates from Microsoft from the external hard drive?

    Is there any way to boot from the external hard drive so I can run the normal Windows uninstall program?

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    Boot into Advanced Options and try to repair your Windows: Windows fails to boot; Automatic Repair, Refresh, Reset PC fails

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    I don't know if your problem relates to mine, but in my case after a windows update to 1607, it crashed. A kernel failure prevented any and all
    fix tools from running, since I could never get my desktop back. I had to replace windows with a new image from backups.

    Reset pc wouldn't start up, rollback wouldn't start up, nothing. If you have a kernel problem, all I can think of is a full recovery image.
    I'm trying to get more answers myself!

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