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    Exclamation Hotspot created by virtual wifi miniport adapter does not stay connected to my phone.

    I've been trying to get my phone connected to my laptop hotspot, but it only seems to be connected for about 2-3 minutes. The wifi connection no longer seems available, and I have to start hosted network again in order to get connected, but the problem persists. Ive unchecked the power management option ( for all the network connections in network and sharing center ), and I think I've done exactly like Im supposed to while allowing and starting the hosted network.
    Anyone with a fix ?

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    Please educate me... Since I am fairly new as to being a moderator here I am likely totally missing something. I'm just curious as to why this post was killed. Mayhaps it is due to the fact that I do NOT do phones but I just can't see what is wrong with the question... I see the potential of there not being a solution but can't see any obvious reason to kill the post.

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