Hello! I am trying to find an answer to a similar problem. I recently discovered a problem with my desktop-to-monitor vga cable, so I purchased a new one. When I re-started my desktop and monitor, the resolution had changed, and the desktop icons were all stuffed to the left of the screen. Checking my display settings, I noted the monitor was now shown as "Generic Non PnP Monitor". When I go back to the "original" cable, the display returns to the proper res, and the Screen Resolution page shows the display as Acer X20311, and the resolution as 1600 x 900 (recommended); just as it should be. I have tried 4 (four!)different new cables, and they all do the same thing! Display driver for Radeon X1300/X1550 is up to date. But why does a different cable change the display? The only difference in the physical appearance of the VGA cables is the original has little round blocks at each end, filters I presume...I couldn't find that kind at the Micro Center, but the tech said it shouldn't matter in a quality cable... I am stumped!