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    Default Unable to make Administrator decisions in Windows

    I changed %windir% to User in the environment variable, after that, I tried to make a new user but it requires administrator. My user is an administrator but it after I click the button, nothing happens.


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    Hi cfonline,

    It seems that, the current user account that you are using do not have the full admin permissions, so that might be the cause of this issue. In this case, try enabling the hidden administrator user account that have full permissions and can modify the other user accounts permissions as well using the command prompt.. To enable the hidden admin user account, open CMD with admin permission and type the command NET USER ADMINISTRATOR /ACTIVE:YES and press enter. It should show "command completed successfully". Logoff the computer, you can see another user account with name administrator. Login to that, modify the permissions of the other user accounts. To disable the hidden administrator, use the command NET USER ADMINISTRATOR /ACTIVE:NO in command prompt with the admin permissions.

    Thank you

    PcBugKiller Admin

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