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Thread: Windows Update not installing

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    I did that, deleted Distribution Folder files, and then I used your FIX WU tool that you provide and all went well... thanks
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    Thanks for the replies . Looking forward to it

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    I have a similar problem. The windows updates dont actually download although the progress bar keep moving forever - I have tried leaving windows update running overnight.
    I am using windows 7 64 bit.

    The problem started around three months ago after I uinistalled and reinstalled several software (all non-microsoft) including Blackberry Desktop.

    I have narrowed down the problem to the BITS service but havent found a fix for the BITS service. This is the error message I receive when starting BITS manually.
    "Windows could not start the Background Intelligent Transfer Service on Local Computer. FOr mor inforemation, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-microsoft service, contact
    the service vendor and refer to service-specific error code -2147024713."

    BITS is dependent on the COM+ and RPC services. I have checked that both are running.

    Can anyone suggest a fix solely for the BITS service ?


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    I'm having trouble downloading and installing updates on my WIndows 7 64 bit machine.
    This problem occurred right after installing WIndows 7.

    I managed to fix the problem using your troubleshooting steps for clearing the distribution folder, re-registering Dll's and OCx's and using the
    fix WU tool.

    However, the problem has recurred around 3 months ago and this time the Fix WU tool is not helping although it runs without errors.

    The only significant thing I can remember doing before encoutering this WIndows 7 update problem for the second time is that I
    uninstalled and reinstalled several versions of the Blackberry Desktop client in some cases by using Win XP Compatibility setting when
    running the installer.

    When I now try to run Windows update the progress bar just runs
    forever (I have tried for upto 15 hours) without any updates happening
    nor error messages showing.

    I have narrowed down the problem to BITS not working. The error I received when starting BITS manually is "WIndows could not start the
    Backgroun Intelligent Transfer Service on local computer. For more information, review the system event log.If this is a non-Microsoft
    service, contact the service vendor. and refer to service specific error code -2147024713"

    I cant t find a specific BITS-only fix from Microsoft.

    Can someone suggest a fix so that I can run Windows Update successfully or perhaps there is a specific order in which I may manually install
    updates from the Windows Catalog Website ?

    Thank you,

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    Clear contents of Software Distribution folder
    Run System File Checker
    Run DISM
    Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.

    After all this is done, boot in Clean Boot State and run Windows Update and see if this helps.

    More suggestions here: Windows Updates fail to install in Windows 10/8/7

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