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    Default Lost every single email after Windows 10 Upgrade and rollback

    Hi, I did the free upgrade to windows 10 and found all my .docs were read only and I wasn't happy with the layout. I uninstalled 10 and went back to 7 the docs were still read only but I corrected that but then I lost every single email that I had saved. How can I get them back?

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    What email program is being used? I know how to recover Mozilla Thunderbird emails if same has not been over-written yet.

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    It might be possible to "restore" them, but it depends on several things:
    Emailprovider, emailclient, settings and protocol used.

    If IMAP4 then it might be possible to download the emails again, unless you have deleted them on the server.

    If POP3 or if you have used "webmail" they are probably deleted on the server because the standard setting is usually to delete all read emails.
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