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    Default Runing W7 Pro, How do I Export email accounts from outlook 2003


    This is an easy one: How do I Export email accounts from outlook 2003

    For 25 yr Ive been quickly exporting my email acct settings from outlook express via iaf files that easily & accurately import into a new pc sw installation.

    Now I'm using W7 pro with outlook 2003 & all I want to do is export my email acct settings, nothing else, so they can be easily & accurately imported into my laptop.

    I'm not a typist & things can get screwed up quickly going thru outlook 2003's menus. Also one of my email accts are on a crappy isp & the others are on a private so I have a lot of picayune details to deal with.

    Tried exporting from outlook & got error below.

    There has to be a smarter way. Can anyone please help?

    View image: cheers klx

    Note from Moderator: I fixed the link.
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