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Thread: Why interrupt our browsing due to "Adblock Detected!" that will not go away?

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    Angry Why interrupt our browsing due to "Adblock Detected!" that will not go away?

    Okay, I am not crazy about ads. Small, unobtrusive ads are okay, it does help defray site operations cost. Ever since Android started pumping out apps by the thousands, it seems that new rules for ads were written. Jam ads *everywhere*, force them on people, make them wait and stare at an ad for several seconds before they can proceed, and even apps that never actually close but remain running processes to what end? Could it be those strange out of nowhere ads that now pop up in my statusbar? So yes, I do use Adblock. And I can understand why a site like thewindowsclub would prefer you do not use Adblock on their site to maximize ad revenue. Some websites are rather nice, polite, and diplomatic about requests to allow ads and not use any sort of Adblocker on their website by politely *asking* the user to please disable adblock on their site.

    The rest is up to the visitor. He can disable adblock on the site or whitelist it, especially if the site is nice about it and does not have obnoxious ads. But when a site like thewindowsclub "forces" you to disable your adblock or whitelist them, they have taken my freedom of choice away. And I do not take kindly of anyone trampling on my rights to privacy or my comfort zone for living. thewindowsclub goes so far as to say "Uh oh, Adblock detected, here is how to disable adblock on this site". What if I do not want to disable adblock at all, period? Even the developers of adblock software have taken to hear that sites do really need the revenue and they default to allowing some non-intrusive advertising to pass through. What is wrong with that? Non-intrusive, what is the problem? You want to jam "Intrusive" ads down my throat, is that it? The thing that irritates me the most is that this is not a request, it is a command and if you do not shut off your adblocker, you cannot view the site until you do.

    This is *exactly* what takes that warm and fuzzy all over feeling away from potentially very good, very informative, and very useful websites. Where there is a will, there is a way, so even adblock can be hidden from sites like thewindowsclub, the warning never triggers, and you read a nice, clean page. SWIM does this all the time and I fail to see the problem with it.

    Define SWIM: "Someone Who Isn't Me". What do you guys think about this? Do you believe that websites should force you to view all of their ads in order to visit the site, or do you feel that choice should be yours, especially if you do allow non-intrusive ads to pass through?

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    Hi ohmster

    I am an individual blogger. This is not some company running this site. I started this site for fun as my passion and I still run it single handedly. I spend over 8-10 hrs working on this site and I do it because I enjoy it and I make money. Now it has grown - and so have the costs.

    You talked about takimg 'freedom of choice away', But Sir, Have you realize the costs that are involved when ANY user who blocks my ads visits my site? Bandwidth usage is the direct cost. It may be small for 1 visitor, but when a site gets millions of visitors of which, say 25%, chosose to block ads, the amount is big.

    I agree, "developers of adblock software have taken to hear that sites do really need the revenue". They too have said that they need funds to maintain their lists. So how do they go about generating money? Block ads - and then take money from large sites to unblock them! Now thats not a nice way of generating revenue. incurs the costs for the following purposes:

    Payments to authors
    Hosting charges
    Content Delivery Network service provider
    Sucuri Web Firewall & Antivirus to protect our website
    Our developers have developed over 75 useful freeware which are completely free to use and do not bundle any crapware.
    Website development and maintenance expenses, etc.

    I have to pay these costs. Who is going to pay them? The ads!

    When visitors come to my site using an adblocker, they steal my right to make money - and yes I want to make money too. Not only that, they use my bandwidth/CDN/etc free - and that costs money you see.

    I have stayed away from bundling my free software with 3rd-party crapware. I do not display popup or pop under ads. I use only Google AdSense.

    But unfortunately as you rightly pointed out, some websites jam their pages with ads and that is what led to the entire problem.

    I tried the 'request' approach for 2 months. It made no difference. I have seen bloggers requesting people to donate to them via Patreon and other such sites - but it does not help really.

    So to cut down my costs, I have to resort to this. Some large sites have already moved beyond this and adopted the Paid approach for Subscribers. The 'free' internet as we know might just change, not too far in the future.

    I am just a small individual blogger trying to survive & ensure that I continue to maintain the blog the way I want to. So till another monetizing way is found, the ads will stay. Newspapers are cheap because they are supported by ads. Open your TV, and you see ads. Walk down the street, and you see huge billboards and hoardings. So I think it is time that folks start proactively deciding - which sites that want to adblock and which sites they want to support by whitelisting them, insteading of just using adblockers across all sites.

    Hope you understand and decide to whitelist this site.

    With warm regards.
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