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    Default Download RSS based Aqua Dynamic theme for Windows 7 from Microsoft

    Download RSS based Aqua Dynamic theme for Windows 7 from Microsoft. These RSS based dynamic themes add new backgrounds automatically to your Windows 7 desktop, via an RSS feed

    Churning seas, rushing rivers, and gracefully curling waves are just a few of the images you’ll get with this free Windows 7 theme. Water: powerful, serene, and dynamic, captured by our community of contributors in splendid color and form. This theme updates automatically through an RSS feed.

    Visit Microsoft.

    Also check out RSS fed dynamic themes for Windows 7 Free Download, FAQ.

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    Is the RSS feed URL for this theme is default or we can change it?

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    The RSS feed themes for Windows 7 are not compressed cabinet files. Therefore just open theme file (.theme) in notepad and you can add or modify the server URL under [SlideShow] section.

    Windows 7 themepack contains a theme (.theme) file that is actually in INI format.

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