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    Default Article: Blame baby monitors, not congestion, for your WiFi woes

    UK regulators commissioned a study to find out whether WiFi's connection issues in urban areas are related to congestion. Turns out they are not: WiFi has plenty of bandwidth for most locations, but it doesn't work well with analog devices operating in the same band.

    Many users chalk up WiFi connection problems to congestion, especially when living in apartment buildings or urban areas; there's just too much data being pushed through those 11 meager channels! But a thorough new report (PDF) commissioned by UK regulators sent researchers into the streets to pinpoint WiFi's connection problems, and the culprit turns out to be... baby monitors.

    Read More here: Blame baby monitors, not congestion, for your WiFi woes - Ars Technica

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    Great post...why does anyone need a baby monitor my kids all yelled loud enough to wake the dead! and we always looked in on them every hour

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