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    Unhappy Windows 10 graphics/video shutting off Will not come back on, no crash but reboot

    I have a weird problem.

    First off the monitor runs fine and I use it on another computer flawlessly so I know its not the monitor.

    nvideo graphics drivers are up to date as well.

    Here is what happens, frequently the video signal just ends. The monitor is still on, the computer is not shut down nore in sleep mode. nothing i do will wake it. I tried control/alt/del i tried other key combos, i even tried unplugging the monitor cable and repluging but nothing. i end up having to do a forced reboot even though the hd and everything else seems to be running smoothly. I do NOT believe it is a problem with the video card either.

    Anyone have any clues?

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    Have you tried uninstalling and then fresh installing the latest driver?

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