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    Default Windows Defender from the Command Line

    There are few command lines for Windows Defender

    The basic usage at the command prompt is: MpCmdRun.exe [command] [-options]

    You have to elevate the command prompt to run these commands i.e.
    Start | CMD | Right Click and Run as administrator |

    Command Description -Trace [-Grouping #] [-Level #] Starts diagnostic tracing

    -RemoveDefinitions [-All] Restores the installed signature definitions to a previous backup copy or to the original default set of signatures

    -Scan [-ScanType] Scans for malicious software

    -SignatureUpdate Checks for new definition updates

    -GetFiles Collects support information

    -RestoreDefaults Resets the registry values for Windows Defender settings to known good defaults

    Windows Defender from the Command Line
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