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    Default New test results for antimalware programs on Windows 7

    Hi !

    New testresults for antimalware-programs on W7 from AV-test:

    "29th July 2013.

    26 anti-virus programs were recently put to the test by the independent experts in the AV-TEST laboratory.
    Here you can find the comprehensive test results and awarded AV-TEST certificates on Windows 7"

    AV-TEST - The Independent IT-Security Institute: May/Jun 2013

    NOTE: If you go to their main page and then click on the image left of the text then you will get the latest test on Windows XP !
    So either follow the link above or click on comprehensive test results and awarded AV-TEST certificates in blue text on their page.

    Althought EmsisoftAntiMalware (EAM) wasnt tested im convinced im using the right antimalwareprogram.
    Why ?
    Because Bitdefender got excellent results !
    EAM has 2 search-engines, one of them is Bitdefender.....

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    In every report you see really different results. Some AV maybe at the top in one and maybe 7-8 in the next one. I suppose, as long as one is using one of the better known antivirus software, it should be good enough.

    Thanks for posting the link.

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