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    Question User does not have appropriate access rights - Windows 10

    Hi Everyone

    I got a sporadic issue on windows 10, let me explain it the best I can.

    On windows10 from time to time, I get this error from our software "User does not have appropriate access rights" at night when they are doing "polling" - in a nutshell head office connects to this windows 10 machine
    received files from it and also send some to this win10 pc ... not every night it will give you the error msg.

    I need to understand why this is not happening every night .... every night polling takes place and head office send and receive files from this win10 pc.

    Previously we had win7 and we never had this issue .. only in win10

    PLEASE HELP!!! ... not sure of what to check ...

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    Maybe because at such times, the Head Office does not want anyone to change or edit or save documents.

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