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Thread: Backup/restore your registry using ERUNT, even when running Windows7

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    Very nice

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    Registry defragging is a placebo effect. They've debunked this many years ago. In fact, I believe it was an article by Mark Russinovich.

    I don't believe registry backups are necessary in this day and age either. Simply because System Restore handles the backing up of registry hives. And System Restore has definitely gotten a lot better since Vista's release. In Windows XP it was okay but it has really improved.

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    Tarun, I'm sure you are right in general, but some of us Windows 7 users find that their System Restore does not work: either it does not set System Restore Points or, the Restore Points can be set but SR hangs forever and never executes a Restore Operation. (In my case, it's the latter.)

    So, alternatives are needed when a user has tried everything to get System Restore working, but without success.
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    Still runs like a gem over here.

    It looked quite obvious back then ,but maybe I should've mentioned you'll have to do a restore using ERDNT.exe ( in the date backup folder) with the right click option 'run as admin'.

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    Hello every body .....let me thank you for those links. I will check them out and report then..
    Thank for the interesting tutorial

    Good tutorial
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