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    Default Delay startup items and programs in Windows with Startup Delayer

    Ever wonder whether you could start some programs on priority basis ? Well we can delay program. The program is startup delayer try this free tool now.

    Every time Windows starts several programs and processes start automatically, after you login. This then may make the computer unusable for a few moments. Most of these startups are not required immediately and needlessly make you wait that much more.

    Startup Delayer will download and install Visual Studio C++ Runtime automatically.

    1. Download software click here & install it
    2. Start program . Drag program which you want to delay in below area . Press delete button to delete any program from start up
    3. While closing the window it will ask to activate the program . Press yes
    4. Restart program & feel the faster start up

    Download the free standard version:

    r2 Studios - Software.

    Startup Delayer will download and install Visual Studio C++ Runtime automatically.

    Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/XP64/Vista/7/8
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    Sorry can't see the point of this tool when you have the far better Winpatrol which can do what it says and Winpatrol is comaptable with all winodws versions. Also if you want to tweak why not just use UWT.

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    Looks good! Thanks.

    Btw, WinPatrol also has the option.

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