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    Default Blue Screen Error C000009A after installing Windows 7 SP1

    After installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1, you might receive the following error message on a blue screen:

    "Error C000009A applying update operation {###} of {###} (\Registry...)"

    To resolve this issue, restore your computer to a point in time before you installed Windows 7 SP1, uninstall any unused language packs, and then reinstall SP1. To restore your computer to a previous point in time, you'll need to use the System Recovery Options menu.

    Why am I receiving "Error C000009A" after installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)?

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    I read also about another problem on Users Complain Abount Buggy Windows 7 SP1
    I don't intend to install SP1 for Windows 7 at all.

    This quote from PCMech:
    Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Now Available
    I recommend SP1 to those running Windows 7 that:

    * Are having specific issues with audio, video and/or networking hardware
    * Plan on installing newer-technologies hardware

    Other than the above, SP1 does not appear to be a must-have-now update if you’re running Windows 7
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    I have installed it on several computers without issue. But, there are many out there that are having this problem. Usually, after going through the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling, it usually works fine. Hopefully they can find out WHY this is happening and get it resolved for everyone.

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